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1) If you wish, disclose your name and age or birthday. For those twelve and under, please tell us only your first name.

Alyssa Ackerman, 17 (well, that's what they SAY but most of the time i act a lot younger....

2) If you have access to a digital camera, please show pictures of yourself, especially if you are being nerdy or just plain crazy. If you don't have a digital camera or are uncomfortable posting pictures of yourself, that's okay; you may think of some other means of show-and-tell like posting Hubble pictures, etc. If you can't think of anything like that, then the moderator will ask you a question or give you a task on a person by person basis.

I can't get the pictures from a url, and i have problems so posting them is problematic.   However, i could get my hands on the pic of me in my red prom dress playing the valve trombone for no apparent reason... i can't think of any crazier.

3.) Nerdity means different things to different people. Some people think nerds and geeks are the same thing; some people think nerds are more academic; others think true nerds must spend at least twelve hours on the computer a day. Even at a more fundmanetal level, people sometimes have different opinions: whereas some believe nerdiness is about intelligence, others think it's a passion! What does nerdity mean to you?

To me, nerdity is when you can accept that you are SPECIAL and have a gift or passion for something.
Band nerd: I am a band nerd because i sing my music when i am running, when i am in the shower, when i'm sitting in class and most often when i'm sitting somewhere with my friends.  Not to mention that i spend most of my time in the band room, whether for concert band, jazz band, jazz choir or just to help out my instructor
Math nerd:  If i get above a 90 on a test that most people did horribly on, then I am a NERD
I saw this in a WPI summary, it's a school cheer that they use.  Although i am not going there, it serves as a great example:
"E to the x, dydx, e to the xdx, cosine secant tangent sine, 3.14159, e, i, radical Pi, fight 'em fight 'em WPI!"

4) How do you classify yourself or do you classify yourself at all? Do you consider yourself to be a bona fide, a wannabe, a poseur, just a nerd at heart, or perhaps something completely different? Some people read dictionaries, others believe they're aliens in a Star Trek universe, and yet others just think Bill Nye the science guy is really cool!

Ha ha... I have had daydreams where i am an elf in Middle Earth, though i haven't really shared them.
Basically, I'm the mother of Arwen, which makes me the daughter of Galadriel.  Instead of being married to Elrond, i'm actually married to Legolas.  I am one of the heads of a magical group similar to the Aes Sedai in the Wheel of Time Series.

This is a rare thing though.  I still classify myself as a Trekkie even though Voyager is no longer running and i hardly watch the reruns.  However, since i remember about 5 or 6 words i had in vocabulary lists by the episodes in which there were used, i'm still a Trekkie (not to mention that i dressed as Captain Janeway for Halloween two years in a row.

5) Tell us about yourself. You can speak freely, but preferably, tell us what makes you nerdy. Consider these potential prompts: What is the nerdiest thing you've ever done? Are you a nerd by nature or by desire? Have you been faced with social or intellectual challenges related to your nerdiness?

My father and I once drove around a parking lot in our rental car because we found it had a digital compass in it.

I was always the odd one out in my elementry school class of 20 (we had a very small school).  Not until i entered high school in 9th grade did i find people as quarky as me.

Mostly, I have a love of science, math and music.  I find as many ways possible to include these three disciplines in my life.  I also have very nerdy and dorky (very different words, mind you), friends who contribute to my nerdiness.

6) The maintainer of this community hopes to one day have a humor website for and about nerds. If this occurs, would you be comfortable if pictures and information that you post in this community be used?

Hell yes, I would love to be displayed for all nerds to see... as alexis said, please refrain from disclosing person information such as address, phone number, even email.
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