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The Nerdocracy

Kingdom of Nerds

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This community neither judges whether you are or are not a nerd, nor whether you are somehow nerdy enough. True, the questions in the application below may prove more difficult if you are not disposed to give answers, but then again, your method of application is up to you. If you like, tell us a short story or give us your opinion on some political happening. Your application might simply be a hello, and although we'd be charmed if you gave us a hello in a language other than English, that's not required, because the application is just the first part of a longer process. A good application might give you quick acceptance, to be sure, but dialogue can be essential. We'll ask you questions, and just do your best and have fun!

To become an official member (although feel free to befriend the community), you must apply, but don't worry; you won't be rejected. Then again, you might not be accepted right away. The moderators believe that in each person there exists a nerd, and your job is to get at that inner nerd and express yourself.

The following questions are meant as a guide, but again, don't feel limited. Please post your application under an lj-cut titled "application." If you're new to lj and don't know what this means, post anyway, and a moderator will advise you as to how to edit your post. If you do this, however, please be considerate to people with dial-up connections when posting pictures.

1) If you wish, disclose your name, nickname(s).

2) If you have access to a digital camera, please show pictures of yourself, especially if you are being nerdy or just plain crazy. If you don't have a digital camera or are uncomfortable posting pictures of yourself, that's okay; you may think of some other means of show-and-tell like posting Hubble pictures, etc. If you can't think of anything like that, then the moderator will ask you a question or give you a task on a person by person basis.

3) Nerdity means different things to different people. Some people think nerds and geeks are the same thing; some people think nerds are more academic; others think true nerds must spend at least twelve hours on the computer a day. Even at a more fundmanetal level, people sometimes have different opinions: whereas some believe nerdiness is about intelligence, others think it's a passion! What does nerdity mean to you?

4) How do you classify yourself or do you classify yourself at all? Do you consider yourself to be a bona fide, a wannabe, a poseur, just a nerd at heart, or perhaps something completely different? Some people read dictionaries, others believe they're aliens in a Star Trek universe, and yet others just think Bill Nye the science guy is really cool!

5) Tell us about yourself. You can speak freely, but preferably, tell us what makes you nerdy. Consider these potential prompts: What is the nerdiest thing you've ever done? Are you a nerd by nature or by desire? Have you been faced with social or intellectual challenges related to your nerdiness?

6) The maintainer of this community hopes to one day have a humor website for and about nerds. If this occurs, would you be comfortable if pictures and information that you post in this community be used?

Once you become an official member, you can assist others in expressing their inner nerd. They need your approval, but feel free to taunt prospective members. For example, if an applicant posts a picture of themself typing at a computer, you might request a picture of him or her hugging the computer. Only a moderator can decide when a member is finally deserving of membership, but the opinion of official members will be integral in this decision.