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Nerds unite!

1) If you wish, disclose your name and age or birthday. For those twelve and under, please tell us only your first name.

Madeleine Lee, age 19 (b: 1/26)

2) If you have access to a digital camera, please show pictures of yourself, especially if you are being nerdy or just plain crazy. If you don't have a digital camera or are uncomfortable posting pictures of yourself, that's okay; you may think of some other means of show-and-tell like posting Hubble pictures, etc. If you can't think of anything like that, then the moderator will ask you a question or give you a task on a person by person basis.

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Pasty pale Madeleine in Florida...

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Dressed in medieval garb!

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Medieval garb, with my good friend (also in medieval garb)

Image hosted by

Me in costume ... it doesn't look like I'm very dressed up, but trust me... I went out and bought clothes for my LARP character!

And as more proof of my nerdiness, click here for pictures of my LARP friends. Oh, and these are people fitting in cabinets.

3) Nerdity means different things to different people. Some people think nerds and geeks are the same thing; some people think nerds are more academic; others think true nerds must spend at least twelve hours on the computer a day. Even at a more fundmanetal level, people sometimes have different opinions: whereas some believe nerdiness is about intelligence, others think it's a passion! What does nerdity mean to you?

Being a nerd means taking pride in my activities that are unusual or special. It means enjoying intelligent pursuits and intellectual activites. The biggest part of being a nerd is admitting that one is a nerd, and having pride in his or her status. My own nerdy activities include my heavy science and math classes, my knowledge of computers, my love of roleplaying games, my extensive library of books ... I could go on for a long time!

4) How do you classify yourself or do you classify yourself at all? Do you consider yourself to be a bona fide, a wannabe, a poseur, just a nerd at heart, or perhaps something completely different? Some people read dictionaries, others believe they're aliens in a Star Trek universe, and yet others just think Bill Nye the science guy is really cool!

I consider myself to be a fantasy/science-fiction literary nerd. I sometimes classify myself as snobbish in these areas, because I only read well-written books in both of those genres. I'm also a roleplaying nerd, I've been getting continually more sucked in to that life in the areas of White Wolf games. I'm also becoming an MST3K addict, and I will be running the Science Fiction club next year. I'm also a biology nerd who can talk for hours about genetics and evolution.

5) Tell us about yourself. You can speak freely, but preferably, tell us what makes you nerdy. Consider these potential prompts: What is the nerdiest thing you've ever done? Are you a nerd by nature or by desire? Have you been faced with social or intellectual challenges related to your nerdiness?

I have been a nerd since I was a young child. Before most people even knew what the internet was, I was coding web pages with only a little help from my father. I've always been smarter than your average public school student, and thus congregated with other smart people, further defining my nerdiness by seeing how others looked at it. By sticking with other nerds, I expanded my nerd horizons and shared my own experiences with them. My school, Grinnell, is known as a haven for nerds, and I've found that. All my friends are nerds, and I have found that their nerdiness enhances mine. I love being a nerd!

6) The maintainer of this community hopes to one day have a humor website for and about nerds. If this occurs, would you be comfortable if pictures and information that you post in this community be used?

Sure thing (which is a major accomplishment for me to say). I think another part of being nerdy is being self-conscious and reclusive, which is kind of the opposite of a humor website.

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