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1) If you wish, disclose your name and age or birthday. For those twelve and under, please tell us only your first name. Hello, my name is Jawa. I'm 17 and I'll be turning 18 on May 18 of this year! I'm very excited.

2) If you have access to a digital camera, please show pictures of yourself, especially if you are being nerdy or just plain crazy. If you don't have a digital camera or are uncomfortable posting pictures of yourself, that's okay; you may think of some other means of show-and-tell like posting Hubble pictures, etc. If you can't think of anything like that, then the moderator will ask you a question or give you a task on a person by person basis. Ok Eddie, you asked for it!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me in my glasses. I need them cuz I'm near sited. So I can't see things far away. But in the next couple of pictures I use them to read, which isn't a good thing, but I thought it was funny!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me reading my AP english book, ways of reading.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Now I'm laughing at myself cuz it's always good to laugh at yourself.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
That's my physics book, I really don't like that book cuz it's so heavy!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I'm just being silly, it's what I do!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
That's Sajid! He's the sweetest little boy! He's adorbale, and he has such a good countanance! He's usually very happy. He likes to sit in my lap and type on the computer!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I got him to look at the camera, so I was excited!!

So you see! That's me pretending to be nerdy!
Also, I can't take a picture of this, but I love Arabic music, and the Arabic language. I grew up with it and I've just always loved to speak Arabic. I'm not as good at reading it as I used to be, but we are going to visit this summer, so hopefully I will get better at it.

3) Nerdity means different things to different people. Some people thinks nerds and geeks are the same thing; some people think nerds are more academic; others think true nerds must spend at least twelve hours on the computer a day. At even another level, people sometimes have different opinions; whereas some believe nerdiness is about intelligence, others think it's a passion! What does nerdity mean to you?

I've just always seen it as being into your studies. Wanting to do well in school and going after that and doing well. Doing homework and not slacking off by taking it off someone else. If your a nerd you would be the one that everyone comes to when they need help with homework or on a test because they know you did the homework or studied for that test. So I'm not the kind of stereotypical nerd that goes around with my head constantly in a book and not having friends, that's not true at all. I just want to do well in school, so I try my hardest and everyone knows it.

4) How do you classify yourself or do you classify yourself at all? Do you consider yourself to be a bona fide, a wannabe, a poseur, just a nerd at heart, or perhaps something completely different? Some people read dictionary, others believe they're aliens in a Star Trek universe, and yet others just think Bill Nye the science guy is really cool!

I think I was born a nerd. In a world where teenagers don't know what pleasure reading is, I do so much of it! I do more pleasure reading than most teens put together. I just love to read, and I always have. That's why I think I was born a nerd. I must have the gene!
AND Bill Nye the science guy IS really cool!!

5) Tells us about yourself. You can speak freely, but preferably, tell us what makes you nerdy. Consider these potential prompts: What is the nerdiest thing you've ever done? Are you a nerd by nature or by desire? Have you been faced with social or intellectual challenges related to your nerdiness?

Well I've said a lot about myself. I read very often. I'm very into politics and current issues facing our world today. I like to be informed and make informed decisions. I know the basics about a lot of stuff so that if I'm ever put into a situation that I need to know and talk a little bit about something then I will know some of it!
I love to collect small useless tidbits of information. Things like you can lead a cow upstairs, but not downstairs. Or brunettes have more hair on their heads than blondes. I'm very interested in health sciences and hope to become a nurse someday. I really love children and I want to have many some day, so I know a lot about conception, pregnancy, labor, and infancy. So there you go!

6) The maintainer of this community hopes to one day have a humor website for and about nerds. If this occurs, would you be comfortable if pictures and information that you post in this community be used?

Sure, go ahead hun!

Thanks darling!

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OMG! I love you! That was the most beautiful application ever! I imagine you’ll be an official member before me, and thus I'll need your approval when I apply!

I’m a bit busy today, but I’ll get back to you when I can. Speaking of Arabic, I really must get to work, but there are many things to say!
omg i'm going to cry! you really liked it?? awe, thank you so much!!
that's so sweet of you!!
i can't wait to hear the many things that you have to say!

where do you work darling?
I meant work in the sense of study, which I have yet to get around to, as I seem busy emailing professors and the like!

You may consider yourself a de facto member, as I am and Peter will be. No, in fact, by the Order of Moo, I do declare you a de jure member! Congradulations! You are the Nerdocracy's first bona fide member!

I'm glad you think you were born a nerd, though i fear your initial hesitance to join this community might have been due to a cerebral-change operation or some other means by which you were stripped of your nerdliness! Oh, I dread the thought!

By the looks, though, you look nerdy enough to me. To be honest, you probably do considerably more pleasure reading than I do. I spend so much time writing, thinking and coding that I never seem to find time to read for non-academic purposes. I read tidbits here and there, but I really do wish I had the patience to get through books; I've probably only read two books straight through since I've been at UConn. My room at home is in all practical purposes a library, but I mostly collect dictionaries, encyclopedias, science magazines, and other non-fiction.

When I was a kid, I had this amazingly unrealistic goal of one day reading Collier's or Britannica (about two dozen volumes) straight through in the shortest period possible. I was going to read, including focus breaks, for probably about sixteen hours a day. That just never happened, but it amazes me what kind of crazy ideas I had when I was a kid. When I was a child, I honestly think intelligence was the only value I kept dear. I guess I was destined to be the stereotypical nerd when I was younger, especially because I'm an Aspie, but something happened! My arch-nemesis!

Also, when I was probably younger than your youngest brother is now, I too had early exposure to the computer. I sat on my father's lap while he was typing his dissertation when I somehow touched the wrong key and managed to delete eight hours of his work!

Another note, Blondes actually have more hair than brunettes, but don't fear; my memory of the numbers was considerably off. Here is what I found via Google:

Blonde: 146000 hairs, diameter measuring 1/1500th - 1/500th in.
Black: 110000 hairs, diameter measuring 1/400th - 1/250th in.
Brunettes: 100000 hairs, diameter infinitely variable
Titian (Red): 86000 hairs, diameter infinitely variable

Although I prefer Alan Alda of Scientific American Frontiers, I must admit that Bill Nye rocks! However, I once bought "Bill Nye the Science Guy: Stop the Rock," and the game just totally confused me!

I like kids too, but all my little cousins live in California, which is really depressing, especially since I haven't even met many of them. They grow up so fast, too! I remember my aunt's first baby and now she's much older and has four younger siblings! My aunt wanted five kids, and she got five. You say you want to have a lot of kids; how many do you think is ideal for you? No, I must rephrase: how many do you think is ideal for us? :p
Well thank you for correcting me. i would have gone around misinformed for a very long time about blondes and brunettes!
i was initially shy about joining because i'm just not as smart as you are eddie my dear, so i was kinda shy cuz i didn't want to seem stupid.
and the baby isn't my brother unfortunetly he is actually Jason's little baby brother! Jason is 23 and goes to Yale and his parents needed someone to watch him monday night and last night! I was more than happy to do it. especially when he fell asleep right on my shoulder, my heart just melted all over the place. i really love children. I know what you mean about cousin's though. i have so many i have never met cuz they all live in palestine!! when we go this summer it will be the first time i will be meeting a lot of them!

i think 5 is a good number to have. i just always said how ever many children God wanted to give me is good with me. i've always wanted twins too. so what do you think, is 5 a good number for us eddie dearest?
I don't know, Jawa; kids are expensive these days. But yah know, I'm open to possibilities. In fact, I may be too open too possibilities for your tastes, or perhaps I am open merely to the wrong possibility. Jawa, what religion would we teach our children, if their father is an atheist?

If you would give me the liberty to say that God is love, then you may think me a religious person, but beyond that, I am merely spiritual. I have many beliefs, but they are abstract to a point in which they are almost ineffable.

Jawa. Can we teach our children to believe what's in their hearts? If they want to go to a mosque, we can take them to a mosque; if they want to study philosophy, we can read the Symposium at dinner (with five children, we might have enough to fill every character in the dialogue!); if they want to convert to Catholicism... we can show them the joys of gay porn and give them plenty of condoms (no offense to my favorite Catholic-esque friend).

I know this is all sort of silly, but I must admit that I have this fear that my occupation will take me to the Middle East, and that even if I go to a relatively liberal country where there is little gender segregation, I won't find anyone to marry, because I'm not a believer in "the books."

*sigh* i want babies and some boobies too.
Kids are pretty expensive, i know that, but i really love kids.
The religion issue is a very important and complicated one. A lot of couples have trouble with it, but i think the most important thing is to respect the other person, that's the only way it could work.
when it comes to children, i think that you can give them all the resources and all the information to make sure that they are informed and not ignorant. they have to be able to believe what is in their hearts, you can't trust yourself any other way.
if they want to go to a hindu temple we'll take them. it doesn't matter, as long as they believe in something enough that they are able to base a life on it. and if they believe that they don't have to believe anything at all then that's ok too. each person is different and each person has to make their own decisions.
of course i would love to teach my children about islam because i believe in it and i trust it, but if they can't then you can't force them to believe it because they would never trust it, or us.
does that answer your question??
and certain parts of the middle east wouldnt care what you believe. and you'll find someone to love you eddie.
how could someone not?
babies are good!
i'll leave the boobies issues to the guys.
Marry me, dammit! No, I'm not just flirting with you; I'm really quite fond of you. You have at the very least all the basic qualities I look for in someone, except one thing: you don't know who my arch-nemesis is and why she is very important to me! I want to begin to correct this error; her name is مرغرت هببسي ! Do you know to whom I refer?

That name alone brings to mind a million thoughts, a thousand stories, and oh too many tears. I tell you this not to reminisce, but to warn you that the world one can create in the heart is far more beautiful and far more frightening than the world we see with our eyes.

Jawa. I do not know what more to say. I've been sitting here for almost two hours, lost and disoriented. I better go to bed. goodnight.
I'm quite fond of you as well Eddie my dear. So when is the wedding?

I don't know of who you refer cuz all i got was gibberish. sorry hunny, it could be my computer. what happened though? What's the matter hunny? why lost and disoriented?

Love is the most splendid thing in all the universe, but without empathy, there is no true love; there is but misunderstanding, confusion, discomfort, and alienation. That is the source of my pain, Jawa. For now, I cannot explain more than that.
i would have to agree with you dear. thank you for telling me what you did though.
Would you go with me from November 19-22 to Washington D.C. to attend the Middle Eastern Studies Association Conference meeting/film festival?

My parents are sharing the room, so you can tell your parents that there will be "chaperones" of sorts, i.e., no sex! *sigh*

Sereen, might come to, but she hasn't gotten back to me. If she goes, you'll just share a bed with her. The hotel is only for sleeping and showering.

I'll cover transportation and hotel costs, so the expenses at the very most will be $50 plus food.
well if it falls on classes day i don't know if i can come. but i'll see what i can do, that may be very interesting and my parents actually might want to come as well, or at least my dad. so maybe it'll be a big trip.
i'll see. right now i'm just focused on this summer and getting there and making sure i make it back without getting married or kidnapped.
Two days are on the weekend, two are during the week, which means you'd have to notify your professors if you have an exam or whatnot. For me, that's no sweat, but as a Freshman, I can understand your hesitation.

Tell your parents and be assured yourself, nonetheless, that I am more flexible than can readily be conceived, given proper notice. However, there are a number of advantages to making tentative plans now and making any changes later.

We're going by train, so the cancellation fee is only 10%, and your ticket may be changed without any cost whatsoever. This way, if your schedule is tight, you can opt to go for just the weekend, that is, if you and your parents are comfortable with you going home alone on a train, although I'd need to check the exact logistics before I'm comfortable with this plan.

I have no problems if your parents would like to come, and it's not inconceivable that your dad could share our room if Sereen opts out (I don't think she'll go, because Harvard is hellishly busy), but otherwise, the trip would be a significant finacial investment. Nonetheless, the conference rates are good, but then again, this is Washington D.C. we're talking about.

Your parents should also note that my parents are not attending the conference itself, but rather touring the city, going to museums, etc. I have no problem if your parents would like to come, and I would whenever both desired and permissible avail them to my company, i.e., it's cool if they hang out with us, although not to imply that you're somehow obligated to hang out with me.

Oh, and don't sweat if you're forcibly married or kidnapped, 'cause I'll come and save you. Actually, I'd probably wind up shot, but hey, that's okay... but wait! This reminds me of the perfect movie! Your parents would probably feel more comfortable if they could associate a face with a name, so I'd be delighted to come over and watch a specially chosen movie! It's such a family movie too, and it's so sappy that you'll love it!

Oh, and just so you know (assuming you're still planning on going to UConn), you're joining the International Relations Association (IRA) next year! I'm the webmaster: www.UConnIRA.tk. You're also going to the four day Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN), which is also a four day event, but so much fun! We could share a committee! This year I was on the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, and i was the delegate from the Sultanate of Oman! Yay!

Oh, and please have your parents read this. Please don't be offended if I put too much emphasis on what your parents think, because I know this would personally annoy me, but you will be a freshman. Actually, I never was a freshman, 'cause I'm too good, but even I was not invulnerable to first-year transition difficulties. It's really a big change, and going to D.C. so early in the transition may make life a little more stressful, but I think everything would work out. Just don't stress out about the logistics; leave that to me, and if they opt to go, your parents as well.
I'm sorry Eddie hunny, but I'm going to Southern. I wanted to go to UConn but in the end I found that the Southern nursing program is better and I can study at Yale. So it's to Southern I go. But we'll get together sometimes and go out for coffee and talk or something. If you like coffee that is. I'm not a big coffee person myself unless it has a lot of sugar and cream. But that's not what my point was.
We'll get together sometime soon!

and I promise I will try my hardest to not be forcibly kidnapped and/or married. So that way you won't get shot and I will get back and we'll have that coffee, or whatever! Maybe when I get back before school starts and before you go back to school as well.

i understand why your making plans now, but i really can't at this moment, but i will tell you as soon as i can!
thank you so much for inviting me! i would love to come, hopefully i can make it!


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Oh, and I already told Sereen that I can't wait to introduce her to someone who is equally lovable as her, so you must come to HNMUN next year, or at least go to Boston with me next year! It costs less than $40 for a round-trip bus ticket, and public transportation is quite good in Boston.


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